Our Services

We provide the following services in addition to our standard cloud hosting and colocation offerings. We're committed to the highest level of professional excellence; please contact us today to find out how we can help.

Backup and failover

We can replicate your data to another data centre in Montreal via our existing fibre optic communications infrastructure. Then, we can implement failover capability to this secondary facility in order to give you completely redundancy. Our company has a lot of expertise in data backup and recovery services.

Managed firewall

Our experts can manage your firewall configuration and IP routing for hosting, backup and failover purposes. Through our partnership with Network Box, we can protect your servers from a range of network-level attacks ‐ including DoS attacks, connection and SYN flooding, protocol anomalies, and packet fragmentation evasion techniques.

Cloud consolidation and consulting

We can help provision servers for you – or provide you with virtual servers in our own VM Cloud. These VMs are available to you for testing purposes on a short-term basis, and you can use these instead of supplying your own physical servers.

Disaster recovery

Use our 5,000 square feet of office space to run data recovery drills and test your business continuity preparedness. If disaster strikes, set up your temporary IT center in our network and even locate your employees here until your own systems are back online.

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